Brendan James Arnold


Odds and ends from the past

UNIX stuff

Don't have a DVD player? Next best thing is to telnet to the above address.
More telnet fun
What am I up to these days?
SDF SSH Launcher with awesome icon for OSX
Download, unpack and follow instructions.
Code for Erin's C Class
ErinB ran a C class on SDF a number of years ago. Here is my code.


The future
An timeline of the future from a 2001 British Telecom whitepaper. Great inspiration for sci-fi writers.
Personal Stats
Some stats on myself that I have been keeping track of.
Using Migration Patterns of Ants on a Paper Surface to Predict Lottery Results
One of the tasks from this book.
My logo May 2006
Another task from the diary – come up with your own logo.
Acid Marmite
A sign from the yeasty Gods of rave. Found on a caravanning trip we were on near Scarborough.

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