Brendan James Arnold

My Logo

An exercise in branding

Recently I had to design a logo for myself for a diary I was keeping, and although as a student I am expected to take a strict anti-corperate stance, it opened my eyes as to just how important it is to have a recognisable insignia in todays global marketplace. Each time we step into an interview room we are effectively trying to sell ourselves as best as we can, hence imagine the headstart you will have if you already have a internationally recognised logo to your name. Below is my first attempt at branding myself ...

My amazing logo

What does it mean?

This is the phoenetic reading of my initials BJABphys (presuming I sucessfully finish my university course).
All lowercase
Gives a friendly apporoachable feel, I'm the kind of guy who the boss will want dating his daughter.
Fish shaped lettering
Firstly because I am pisces, secondly because I am from Great Grimsby and thirdly because I like fish.
Enclosed in cloud bubble
This represents my limitless ideas and inspiration and also because I like sleeping. A lot.
Airy background colouring
This represents my passion for flying and my unsually fresh smell.
Lettering in steel blue
My favourite colour.

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