Building a stream of consciousness

Just cobbled together this new blog to put in findings and updates. Perhaps unusually for this day and age it comprises of static webpages which, like the rest of this site, are compiled on my local developer machine from Jinja Python templates. This is for a number of reasons,

  • I don't have to worry about authentication/authorisation
  • Quicker serving time
  • I don't have to maintain a long running userspace service on SDF
  • No database setup
  • Get to edit posts in VIM, using pre-defined (Jinja) markup which is syntax highlighted

Integrating it into the website build process took an evenings work, almost certainly a similar, if not shorter time than it would take to install an off-the-shelf blog and configure the templates.

There is no comments system at the moment and I have considered a few workarounds so that I don't have to process or store user data on my server - for example using Twitter which might make a fun challenge – that though, is for another day.