Glastonbury 2003

Glastonbury Festival 2003 was great fun. I went with my brother and met up with Bryn and Kara. We saw lots of cool bands like Radiohead, Jimmy Cliff, Moloko and De La Soul. I took loads of pictures but here are some of the best...

Me, Matt, Bryn and Kara with our clay models
We all made clay models for the clay army.
Matt outside the Hare Krishna tent
The Hare Krishna people gave away free food. They were great.
Matt and Bryn giving chess advice
Matt and Bryn give chess advice to some random guy who was rubbish.
Me outside Henry's beard food stand
This is because my Dad was called Henry and he had a beard.
My brother doing the devil sticks
I don't normally let Matt use my devil sticks incase he gets better than me.

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